The Book With No Pictures (Novak)

The Book With No Pictures, by B.J. Novak. Dial, 2014.

4148ugcgdel-_sx258_bo1204203200_Dr. V’s take:

I wasn’t sure about this book at first. I tend to find B.J. Novak (yes, that guy from The Office) sort of irritating. In my humble authoritative opinion as boss of this blog, Beej (I call him Beej) is just a scootch smug. irony1 I just feel like if his writing was a person it would have a man-bun on its head and in its beard. I assume you get what I mean with that crystal-clear analogy.


I have to hand it to him here, though: every single time we read this book, my kids positively dissolve into laughter. I mean, I was moved to chuckle myself, and, in my experience, any adult who happens to be within earshot of this book being read aloud tends to come closer to hear the rest. But in addition to being good for mild amusement all by itself, it’s the kind of book that tickles kids so hard they start ugly-giggling—-snorting, spitting, peeing pants, the whole deal—-and it’s basically impossible not to have fun reading a book like that.

Plus, the lack of pictures makes the letters themselves all that much more compelling to pre-readers, and the typeface itself is pretty lively, so it’s not without visual interest.

Ok, FINE. I was just jealous because I didn’t think of it first. So there.

Seriously this is a great book.


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