I Hate Blogs: An Anniversary Post

Dr. V’s Children’s Book List is a year old this week. To celebrate(?), I thought I’d post my first draft of the “About This Site” page, which I ended up scrapping, opting for a more informational and less inflammatory approach instead. Here it is.


I hate blogs. Food blogs are the worst (omg stop describing everything as “tender”), but book blogs are terrible, too. Here’s what I cooked; here’s what I read; here’s what I DIY-ed; here’s how I braid my hair for the workouts I also definitely do. You should too, they hiss at me. Look how beautiful. Why don’t you?

I wrote my dissertation about the anxieties of midcentury tastemakers as they contended with popular fiction, and found that the practice of sorting out and announcing what is good and what is lesser is the pastime of the comfortable yet insecure. I basically have a PhD in holding middle-class tastemakers in contempt, and modern-day bloggers are the Ladies’ Home Journal editors of the past.

Yet…how on earth else could I have ever figured out how to build a desk by myself for under $50? Where else would I have heard of quirky short films like The Wardrobe? Who else would have ever thought to tell me that you can make oatmeal in a crockpot? Hating on blogs—hating on middle-class print culture, which is what blogs are, lack of material “print” notwithstanding—is….well, the pastime of the comfortable yet insecure.

Meanwhile, as I’m underemployed, spending most of my time at home alone with my youngest child while the afore(and oft-)mentioned PhD collects its first film of dust in my office (aw!), my day-to-day bibliography has transformed from hundred-year-old novels to titles more along the lines of I Really Like Slop! And I started to think, boy it would be nice to talk to someone about this.

So, I started a blog. Here it is. I hope you like it, but it’s okay if you don’t.


In retrospect, I think it was good that I tossed it. But, it’s also good that I went ahead and started the blog itself; though you are not numerous, readers, you are cool and smart and this has been fun.




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