About this site

Dr. V. has two small kids, a PhD in literature, and a lot of opinions.

There are so many really clever, beautiful, and interesting children’s books out there….but so too are there even more really terrible, dumb, boring, rubbishy children’s books out there.

If you are a parent of a small child who loves to be read to, a trip to the library = skulking around a minefield, hoping desperately to avoid having to read a shitty book 500 times to said small child.

If you are a friend of a parent of a small child, you might think, hey! a book is a great thing to get for a kid!–and you’re right–but then feel a bit overwhelmed when it’s time to actually choose one.

This site exists to help all of you. Dr. V.’s goal is to highlight really great work, ridicule garbage money-grabs, and maybe make the next baby shower/birthday party/etc. a little easier on the literary-minded.